Globally recognised as the leading Executive Search software since 1982, FileFinder is powering thousands of executive recruiters, in-house strategic talent acquisition teams and private equity business to identify, manage and recruit the best talent for their clients.

Offices in the UK, the USA, Germany and Australia are strategically located to offer our highly praised 24/5 support to users in over 70 countries. FileFinder is available in English, German, Spanish and Portuguese.

FileFinder users report increased efficiency and ability to serve their clients better. Dozens of testimonials and case studies are available on our website.

“I’ve already recommended FileFinder Anywhere to other firms in the industry. It’s not just a database, it’s a true practice management system. Everything we do is dependent on it. We are delighted with our decision to switch to FileFinder Anywhere.”
Jason Johnson, Johnson (Australia)

“FileFinder Anywhere is a sophisticated piece of software. Previously, I used a well-known competitive product, and enjoyed using it very much – however, now that I am using FileFinder Anywhere, I would not swap back for love or money!”
James Cooper, Damhurst & Co. (UK)

Here are just a few ways in which FileFinder Anywhere can help Researchers to save time and accelerate candidate development:

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Information on GDPR and Executive Search, including on-demand webinars and a FREE White Paper download, can be found on our website

FileFinder Anywhere is the only executive search management platform to be fully integrated with GatedTalent.

GatedTalent is the global database of the world’s leading executives, populated primarily by invitations from our search firm partners, but with information curated by the executives themselves.

While GatedTalent is available outside of FileFinder, our tight integration allows FileFinder users to search the platform, manage compliance (with full support for the GDPR concepts of “Consent” and “Legitimate Interest”) and receive executive updates in an entirely seamless manner.

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