Globally recognised as the leading Executive Search software since 1982, FileFinder is powering thousands of executive recruiters to identify, manage and recruit the best talent for their clients.

Offices in the UK, the USA, Germany and Australia are strategically located to offer our highly praised 24/5 support to users in over 60 countries. FileFinder is available in English, German, Spanish and Portuguese.

FileFinder users report increased efficiency and ability to serve their clients better. Dozens of testimonials and case studies are available on our website.

“One of the easiest decisions I had to make starting Neil Newman Search was which industry software to use to support my business development, account management and assignments. Having used an alternative product for a few years, I’m delighted to be back on FileFinder – I really believe it is the best product in our industry. The latest version is even more intuitive, has greater functionality and is more integrated into Outlook.”
Neil Newman Search (UK)

“I always knew that Dillistone offered a premium service, but it wasn’t until I used another system where we really struggled with support, that I realised how valuable the service is.”
Profile10 (UK)

Here are just a few ways in which FileFinder Anywhere can help Researchers to save time and accelerate candidate development:

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