Founded in Reading, in 2005, Invenias is the world’s largest provider of software solutions to the executive search and strategic recruitment sector. With offices and hosting centres across Europe, the US and Asia, Invenias has over 1,000 customers and supports thousands of users across fifty countries. Customers include executive search firms, strategic recruitment firms, research firms,  in-house executive recruitment teams, and executive talent groups within Private Equity and VC firms.

The Invenias difference is easy to use cloud-based desktop and mobile applications that work seamlessly inside Outlook, and integrate with web and social networking sites. Invenias also runs on mobile devices keeping users connected and productive wherever they want to work.

The unique value of Invenias to the Researcher is:

  • The easy capture and sharing of the high value data and insight held by partners and consultants, that is so often lost
  • The development of deep research insight that comes from capturing and leveraging feedback from clients
  • Firm wide adoption and participation that is ensured through ease of use.

Invenias customers in the UK range from multinational firms with hundreds of users, boutique firms and single users. Example customers include Henley Research International, Semita Research, Savannah Group, Harvey Nash, Norman Broadbent, Sheffield Haworth, and The Up Group.