What are the industry norms?

From time to time, we survey our members and feed back the results, looking at questions such as:

ERA survey of executive researchers – summary findings
Findings of a recent survey (April 2013) among UK based executive researchers by the Executive Research Association (ERA) show that a majority of researchers (79%) continue to charge on a day rate basis.

Typical day rates among those surveyed were in the region of £400-500, with slightly higher fees typically charged when researchers are working directly for corporates rather than for search firms. A majority of researchers (93%) charge more for international work.

50% of researchers surveyed said their fee rates had remained unchanged in the last three years, whilst 38% said fees had increased over that period. 12% had experienced a reduction in fee rates.

When asked how many days they would charge for during an average project, a majority of respondents (74%) indicated 6-10 days as the norm. Only 17% answered that a typical project duration was less than six days.

The average time elapsing between the start and completion of a typical assignment is 3-4 weeks (52%) or 4-6 weeks (33%).

Of those who participated, the majority of work remains in working for executive search firms (61% said that 75% of their work or more was for search firms). 21% of respondents carry out the majority of their work directly for corporate buyers.

And buyers of research appear to have no cause for doubting the researchers’ willingness to deliver value for money – 91% of participants normally invest additional time at no additional cost during a typical project.

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