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Companies looking to promote their brands products or services into the executive research sector should consider sponsorship with us.

The ERA has a range of sponsorship opportunities with different levels of financial commitment and subsequent benefits.




If you would like a confidential discussion on sponsoring opportunities, please contact one of our Joint Chairs:

Mark Senior +44 (0) 121 201 3333

Liz Shay +44 (0) 7407 269599



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What people say about us

I would like to thank the ERA for allowing me to continue with my ERA membership now I am retired. My membership allows me to keep in touch with new techniques and not get too rusty with my existing skills, whilst adapting to living in Israel at the same time. For me ERA's webinars are far more easy to access and absorb than many other professional webinars I've needed/wanted to watch recently. I have always found the ERA community friendly and ready to help if needed. For example the most recent ERA webinar I viewed was by Vanessa Raath who works internationally. I thoroughly enjoyed her presentation and learnt a lot. It gave us many tips that use free sources: one of which absolutely amazed me and one that I had missed over the years. To close her seminar Vannessa invited us all to contact her if we had any queries.

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