ERA and AESC Certificate in Executive Research (CER)

ERA & AESC Certificate in Executive Research  (CER)

Only available to ERA Members – cost per person $849 USD  ( e.g. circa £630)

There are 5 sessions throughout 2022

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This program is open to all individuals who work in the field of executive research. We strongly encourage those looking to develop core executive research skills pursue this program.

Collaborative discussions are an important component of this program. To ensure the quality of each session, applicants must commit to active participation, including participating in role play-based interaction, and meet the minimum requirements:

  • Be employed, or have been recently employed, by an executive search firm.
  • Responsible for identifying and qualifying, via telephone, executive-level candidates.
  • Have at least one month working experience as a researcher, associate, or consultant or in a similar capacity.






  • Introduction to Executive Search
  • Tools for Executive Researchers
  • Effective Search Strategies
  • Interviewing and Qualifying Candidates
  • Relationship Building and Management
  • Due Diligence and Legislative Issues
  • Getting Past the Gatekeeper and Pitching Your Search Effectively
  • Sourcing
  • Qualifying Candidates over the Phone and Talking about Compensation
  • Maintaining Candidate Interest and Overcoming Objections

The program was revamped and newly relaunched in July 2018 as the Certificate in Executive Research (CER) Program. The program is divided into three parts: Foundation Course, Expert Forum, and Examination please feel free to download the brochure on the CER Page.

Foundation Course – Your Moodle account will be created shortly to access the Foundation Course where you will complete six modules. These modules can be completed at one’s own pace. Depending on how quickly or leisurely you choose to complete the Foundation Course, the completion time widely varies. In one sitting, I would approximate about 4-6 hours.

Expert Forum – The Expert Forums are four interactive webinars that will run for 90 minutes each over the course of four days by an industry expert. This is a great opportunity to learn from an experienced search professional and fellow researchers. The dates for the Expert Forums are pre-set. Please note that you should aim to complete the Foundation Course before moving on to the Expert Forum.

Examination – For the examination you will be given a case study which involves making three phone calls on the topics of sourcing, pitching, and qualifying. The oral portion will take 45 minutes, and you will be given 15 minutes each for the three role plays.

Registration Details:
In order to enroll in the CER Program, please complete the following steps:

  1. Refer to this link:
  2. For Purpose of Payment, fill in CER.

For any further information or questions please contact

What people say about us

I would like to thank the ERA for allowing me to continue with my ERA membership now I am retired. My membership allows me to keep in touch with new techniques and not get too rusty with my existing skills, whilst adapting to living in Israel at the same time. For me ERA's webinars are far more easy to access and absorb than many other professional webinars I've needed/wanted to watch recently. I have always found the ERA community friendly and ready to help if needed. For example the most recent ERA webinar I viewed was by Vanessa Raath who works internationally. I thoroughly enjoyed her presentation and learnt a lot. It gave us many tips that use free sources: one of which absolutely amazed me and one that I had missed over the years. To close her seminar Vannessa invited us all to contact her if we had any queries.

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