What are the industry norms?

From time to time, we survey our members and feed back the results, looking at questions such as:

  • What services are our members offering?
  • What do researchers and resourcers charge and how are our fees structured?
  • Salary and benefits surveys
  • Which services are most in demand?
  • Are there additional research based services which the corporate market would like to see more of?
  • What more can and should we offer members?

Recent surveys

April 2019 – Researcher survey which provided fee structures, types of work undertaken and time frames.  The result of this survey are available in the members area.

May 2018 – ROTY survey which resulted in the committee changing the nomination process for 2019.



What people say about us

"The mentoring programme from my perspective is going well - we have had 2 Zoom sessions with a 3rd in the diary and we have set up a WhatsApp group. Ahead of each session I set an agenda - the two people have very different backgrounds and home lives, both have highlighted different short and medium-term goals, but both are interested in each other’s and are happy to share openly their thoughts on the understanding it is in the strictest of confidence as they work for different companies."


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