Nominations are open to members of the ERA – i.e. A single membership ERA member or members who are part of a Company ERA membership.

Nominations close on Friday 3rd February 2023 at 11.59pm.

Please complete the form below which affords you the opportunity to give reasons why you are nominating yourself and what you think you can bring to the Committee. Please note that, if a competitive election is held (i.e. if there are more nominations than there are vacancies on the Committee), this will be made available to ERA members who are eligible to vote, in order to inform their choices.

Please complete this form to nominate yourself:
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What people say about us

"I have now started the programme and so far, so good. We had our first introductory call and we’ve established a call every 2-3 weeks, the second of which we’re having on Thursday. I love the initiative as it enables not only to exchange knowledge about executive search but also to meet like-minded people with shared experiences, frustrations and successes, albeit working in different sectors! I’ll be able to offer further feedback once we’ve had some more sessions."


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