APRIL 2019

Wednesday 3rd April @ 15.00hrs BST

Webinar – Gordon Lokenberg – Recruiter | Trainer | Open Source Intelligence Expert® | Licensed PI

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“Data Mining for the Novice”

Are you tired of copy and pasting everything? Here is how to easily create that most wanted excel file with online candidate information.

In this 1 hour session, working on an executive search project, Gordon Lokenberg will show you:

  • How to scrape large sets of online data and use them in your day to day work as an executive researcher, recruiter or sourcer.
  • The use of data miner
  • How to create recipes for Facebook and LinkedIn
  • How to store recipes
  • How to reuse recipes
  • How to enrich your data with the use of Pipl.com/files

Gordon Lokenberg became part of the recruitment industry about 20 years ago, he has worked on both agency and corporate side on a global level. Gordon has been training recruiters and sales people on internet skills since 2007 and also launched one of the first mobile recruitment apps in 2009 winning the first global people sourcing contest in 2012. Currently he is creative in supporting the business at Boolean Results, a company specialized in OSINT skills and knowledge which are commercially attractive to sourcers and recruiters.


JULY 2017

Wednesday 12th July 2017 1pm-2pm (BST)
Webinar with Martin Lee – The New LinkedIn
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While LinkedIn remains a top site for sourcing due to its accumulated “big data” and messaging functionality, Researchers, Sourcers, Recruiters and all who use the site for business networking are encountering challenges using LinkedIn – even more so since the recent updates to the LinkedIn’s desktop user interface (UI).

Depending on which type account they have, members now face serious search limitations, such as the inability to search by a postal code and radius. LinkedIn’s own search tip sheet and help documentation has mistakes (Martin will provide a corrected version). On Premium accounts such as Sales Navigator and LinkedIn Recruiter, the new search syntax is not intuitive, and with the new UI prospects who have non-standard company names or job titles simply won’t show up in search results.

Fortunately, we can overcome most of these limitations! In this webinar, Martin will cover all of LinkedIn’s limitations (new and old) that slow down searching and messaging candidates. He will explain how to overcome each restriction. Whatever type of LinkedIn account you have, the clever workarounds demonstrated in this webinar will boost your confidence and productivity.
NOTE: By joining the webinar, you commit to NOT publicly sharing any of the tips online.

JULY 2018

Online Training Webinar with Martin Lee – Partner at Brain Gain Recruiting EMEA & APAC

Training Session Topic – Advanced Boolean & Google

 As researchers Google is probably our best tool but sifting through the vast amounts of information to get to what we really want to see can be time consuming and daunting.

In this training session Martin will go through how Google works and the operators and syntax available to us. He’ll also cover the main concepts, best practices, and techniques to craft expert searches for finding any sort of professional online, regardless of skillset, location, or industry.

In addition some free tools that will help you extract web search results into reports and Excel files.

Attendees are likely to have a good understanding of searching Google already. We plan to have a good amount of time for Q&A, live searches.

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Guest/non members £60.00 per person


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Taking part in the ERA mentoring programme has been extremely rewarding. I have really enjoyed establishing a relationship with my mentee and becoming part of their career journey. We have used our monthly sessions as a springboard to discuss current work problems, work/life balance challenges, and broader long-term career planning. I have also learned a lot from them about their industry, as well as gaining some more up-to-date research tips!


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