Webinar with Vanessa Raath

Wednesday 9th February @ 12pm-1pm GMT

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In this session Vanessa will take you through a ‘mixed bag’ of practical tips and tricks with takeaways that you can start using immediately!

  • Using Image searches
  • Using emoji in searches
  • How to find contact details of candidates
  • Helpful websites that assist me with my day-to-day sourcing
  • My favour 3 chrome extensions for sourcing


Vanessa Raath is an International Talent Sourcing Trainer who is passionate about training Recruiters & Sourcers to find the best talent, more effectively and efficiently than their competitors. She has trained a large number of recruitment agencies, as well as many internal Talent Acquisition Teams, in all parts of the world. Some of her clients include Twitter, Adobe and Eventbrite, to name a few. Vanessa also still actively works as a Freelance Global Talent Sourcer. She knows that by staying active and operational in this space, she is better equipped to train others to source candidates better. Her speciality lies in the Tech space as this is where her experience, and passion, lies. Currently, Vanessa is the Head Cheerleader, or Owner, of The Talent Hunter (https://www.vanessaraath.com). When she is not training Recruiters to source, or sourcing herself, you will probably find her delivering a keynote presentation on a stage near you.

Webinar with Bryn Jones

Wednesday 15th December 2021 @ 12pm GMT

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Working Mindfully

This session will provide a spoken presentation and experiential introduction to the practice and applications of mindfulness in the workplace.

I will review some key points regarding mindful practice and outline a focus for reflection. This will link into a mindfulness method which I will guide to provide an experiential.

My presentation will discuss.

  • Cultivating presence and being mindfully boundaried
  • How mindfulness can support you in your working life
  • How to use mindful technique to manage stress and guard against work overload
  • The role of mindfulness in increasing options, choice and decision making
  • Guided mindfulness practice
  • Q&A


Spoken presentation: 20 minutes

Guided meditation: 15 minutes

Q&A: 10 minutes


Bryn Jones MA
Bryn works as a psychotherapist, clinical supervisor and lecturer. He is co-author of the book Dramatherapy; Reflections and Praxis in which he
discusses the role of silence in therapy and everyday life.
He has been practicing and teaching meditation and mindfulness for over
twenty years. He delivers mindfulness programmes in public, educational
and corporate settings as well as blending mindfulness elements in to his
psychotherapeutic practice.
Bryn first encountered meditation on a retreat in Sri Lanka and following
several years of personal practice, he lived for seven years in Malaysia
teaching and practicing as a Buddhist monk.
Today he draws on a broad range of meditational and mindful approaches
to support individuals in living well, feeling well and building fruitful
relationships with others which are characterised by clarity, personal
responsibility and creativity

Webinar with Guillaume Alexandre

Wednesday 17th November 2021 @ 12pm GMT

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Hacking the human brain: neuroscientific principles reapplied to outreach messages

We are the unconscious slaves of our brains; we make decisions even before being conscious of it.

In this talk, Guillaume will dissect neuroscience, neuromarketing and behavioural economics and reapplying it to the engagement side of talent sourcing.

How is the human brain wired? Be aware of unconscious behaviours to trigger positive responses: Emotions, feelings and decisions are heavily linked, how to take advantage of it?

Ultimately, how should you shape your outreach messages to increase your response rate?

Cognitive biases can be both your worst enemy and your best friend, crack the code and push your engagement to the next level