Webinar with Saman Aria-Nejad

Wednesday 24th July 2024 – 12pm -1pm BST

Webinar with Saman Aria-Nejad – 360 Work

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Topic Title:  Data-Driven Talent Acquisition: Achieving the Ultimate Client-Personalised Outcome

In today’s world of work, adopting a data-driven approach is no longer optional; it’s essential to stay ahead of the competition. Join us for an insightful session where we’ll delve into the latest data trends for 2024, explore how you can fully leverage a data-driven talent acquisition strategy, and demonstrate how to deliver the ultimate client-personalised outcomes.

In this session we will cover:

  • Insights into Talent Acquisition in 2024
  • Embracing Data-Driven Talent Acquisition
  • Achieving the Ultimate Client-Personalised Outcome
  • Introduction to 360Work platform
  • Q&A


Saman is the founder of Talentic Ltd, and a seasoned tech executive with over 20 years of experience in creating digital products in data, analytics, and AI-powered solutions. His passion for revolutionising talent acquisition led to the creation of 360Work, an intelligent talent sourcing platform delivering client-personalised outcomes. Saman’s leadership drives innovation and fosters meaningful connections in the dynamic HR technology landscape.


Webinar with Morna Ronnie

Thursday 11th July 2023 @ 12pm BST

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Webinar with Morna Ronnie Founder of The People Portfolio

TOPIC:  “The Importance of Self-Awareness at Work”

If you work in a role with other people, a role where your clients are buying “you” or have competitors who offer a similar service, and you need to differentiate yourself, self-awareness is key. It supports you to build stronger relationships, make better more informed decisions and ultimately experience greater job satisfaction.  Many of us think we are self-aware but are you really?

In this session we will cover:

What is self-awareness?

Why is it important?

Internal Vs External self awareness – 4 self-awareness archetypes

How do you become more self-aware?

Introduction to Belbin Team roles – a possible self-awareness tool to consider



Morna’s 30-year career to date has involved supporting people in a range of ways, from recruitment to outplacement and psychometrics to training & development.  Since becoming freelance in 2020, when she founded The People Portfolio, she has designed and facilitated a range of learning and development programmes including Women Returner programmes for women of menopausal age coming back to work after a career break, and the award winning Be Your Best Self programme of personal development for women in agriculture, which was funded by The Scottish Government.  She has recently project managed a Menopause Awareness Project for a large social care charity including training hundreds of managers and colleagues.  She is a Menopause Workplace Trainer Licensed by Henpicked, delivering their CPD accredited training.

She is passionate about personal development in the workplace.  Her style is engaging and interactive which allows this previously taboo subject to be shared and support offered in a way which is comfortable for everyone.

Webinar with with Gonçalo Sequeira

Tuesday 11th June 2024 @ 12pm-1pm BST

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How to create content that attracts new clients and candidates

In this webinar, we will talk about how to create content that gets you noticed and promotes your brand to attract new clients and candidates.

About 45% of LinkedIn readers are in upper-level positions (managers, VPs, Directors, C-level). 39% of LinkedIn users never share content, while 16% of the profiles actively share multiple posts weekly. In 2024 if you are not leveraging your social media to get new business you are wasting a huge market opportunity.

You will learn how to create a sustainable content strategy to show your expertise without being boring and without exposing yourself more than you would like to.


In 2022 I decided to open Hiire – my first real business – focusing on helping companies to hire better and faster every single day without forgetting an amazing candidate experience. Before, I worked for companies like Jason Associates, Feedzai, Mercedes-Benz.io, Adyen and Trengo. Hired +500 IT professionals (from Software Engineers to CTOs), created Employer Branding projects from zero and coached recruitment teams to help them go to their next level in Portugal, Germany, Netherlands and Singapore.
Since 2020 I’m actively helping great professionals find better jobs and different career paths with personalised coaching programs. That’s part of Talent Booster – where I share content regarding careers, not only here on LinkedIn but also on Instagram and Tik Tok. I was nominated Top Voice on LinkedIn in 2023 and I regularly share my view and insights about the “People” Industry.

What people say about us

I continue to greatly enjoy the mentoring programme. Following a second year with the same mentor has been very valuable, insofar we have got to know much more of each other, and learnt a lot about executive search and the day to day struggles and joys of managing a team. I hope the programme will continue in the following years.


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