Webinar with John Lee and Simon Rogers Thursday 11th April 2024

ERA-Workations-Webinar-SR-April-2024_compressed.pdf 2 MB

Webinar with Balazs Paroczay Tuesday 5th March 2024

SLIDES-LinkedIn-X-ray-is-Dead-–-Now-What_-2024-ERA-Balazs-Paroczay-FINAL-compressed.pdf 8 MB

Webinar with Vanessa Raath Tuesday 6th February 2024

AI-Presentation-1-hour-Vanessa-Raath-for-the-ERA.pdf 8 MB

Webinar with Morna Ronnie Wednesday 15th November 2023

Intro-to-Menopause-in-Workplace-Slides-for-Network-MR-for-ERA.pdf 3 MB

Webinar with Vijay Luthra Wednesday 25th October 2023

ERA-Presentation-251023-V1.pdf 4 MB

Webinar with Vanessa Raath Wednesday 19th July 2023

Boolean-Presentation-by-Vanessa-Raath-for-the-ERA.pdf 3 MB

Webinar with Vijay Luthra 15th March 2023

slidedeck1.pdf 2 MB

ERA Autumn Workshop & Surgery 2018 Slides
Martin-Lee-Slides.pptx 8 MB

Webinar slides - Gordon Lokenberg April 2019 "Data Mining for the novice"
Webinar-Data-Mining-April-2019-_-Scraping-live.pdf 347 KB

Webinar slides - Irina Shamaeva July 2019 "Sourcing outside of LinkedIn"
ERA-Irina-Shamaeva-Slides-Sourcing-outside-of-LinkedIn.pdf 3 MB

Webinar slides - Katrina Collier December 2019 "Engaging Candidates In A Transparent World"

Katrina-Collier-ERA-handout-1.pdf 4 MB

Webinar slides - Gordon Lokenberg March 2020 "Sourcing meets OSINT"

Webinar-with-Gordon-3-March-2020-slides-Sourcing-meets-OSINT.pdf 986 KB

Webinar slides - Vanessa Raath July 2020 "Searching outside of LinkedIn"

Vanessa-Raath-webinar-slides.pptx 7 MB

Webinar slides - Iker Jusue July 2020 “Proactive approaches in Talent Acquisition”

Proactive-Approaches-Webinar-Slides-July-2020.pdf 3 MB

Webinar slides - Charlotte Moffatt September 2021 "Client Insights"

ERA-Training-Talking-about-Talent-Insight.pptx 1 MB

Webinar Slides -Carolyn Howitt July 2021 "What gets you out of bed in the morning"

ERA-slides-CH-Career-Motivations-to-send-out.pptx 859 KB

Webinar with Bryn Jones December 2021 - Mindfulness Handout

Mindfulness-Practice-Handout.pdf 64 KB

Webinar slides - Vanessa Raath February 2022"Practical tips and tricks"

Practical-Tips-to-improve-our-Talent-Sourcing.pdf 3 MB

Webinar with Vanessa Raath 8th February 2023
Finding contact details using extensions
Feb-2023-Preso-for-ERA-Finding-contact-details-chrome-extensions-etc.pdf 3 MB

What people say about us

Taking part in the ERA mentoring programme has been extremely rewarding. I have really enjoyed establishing a relationship with my mentee and becoming part of their career journey. We have used our monthly sessions as a springboard to discuss current work problems, work/life balance challenges, and broader long-term career planning. I have also learned a lot from them about their industry, as well as gaining some more up-to-date research tips!


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